waste alchemy


Millions of tons of textile waste ends up in landfills or being burned.

The data is out there and honestly it has a doomsday stank to it. It just isn’t
nice. Or okay.

We humans throw so much “away” not realising“away” doesn’t exist..

Anyway, this is how we roll:
After second hand shops are unable to sell items, the solution is always this
The North sends “help” to the South. In our case- Estonia has been getting
textile donations from Scandinavia for decades now.

Right before the clothes reach their “burial/burning site” we disrupt the broken
system by collecting the “waste”

repair redesign refiber

We sort them , clean them, redesign/rework them & give them a new life

what cannot be saved in it’s current form will be transformed into it’s original state of fiber by shredding
/chemical free process.
Home textiles such as CURTAINS and tablecloths are turned into BUCKET HATS by happy free-range
Art is a great way to hide “imperfections”.
This is a matter of perspective- something can be
a defect or an effect.

Our MISSION is to REDUCE waste, REUSE resources available and RECYCLE what is possible.

*Our techniques and materials used are as follows, but not limited to: Saved/expired HTV, Textile inks, Sun printing, Eco Printing,
Freehand Embroidery and embellishmentS, Natural Dyes.


Selling repaired and redesigned clothes is single-handedly funding our greater mission of reducing and reusing post-consumer textile waste..

If you wish to become a co-operative of ours in this mission not-impossible, feel free to get in touch.
Meanwhile, here’re some spots where you can find our items.

We believe
waste is a

 We are thinkers


Currently participating in many exhibitions with
sustainability in mind and heart. We are fluent in
sustainable solutions and turning waste into magic.

Connect if you need to plug into our collective brain

We are doers

All items we receive are sorted and handled by us.
Our hands have touched each and every item. We
wash, design, repair, try on (some things are way too
cool not to)- well, we do it all.

By hand and heart.

We are shakers

We are passionate about shaking the
current linear system into a circular one.

This is the way. . .

Circulate with us

circulate. verb
to move or cause to move in a circle or



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